White&Black (Level 1)

This is the game that triumphs in Spain and that everyone talks about. Thousands of teams from all over Spain and abroad have already played.

Number of players: 2-6 people

The world chess champion Tommy Fisher was unbeatable for various years. In 1985, during the  world chess championship he started to suffer eye problems. This affected his game in a decisive way and he lost his title. His problem gradually made him go crazy and he ended up assuring that his problems had been caused deliberately by a conspiracy among the other players. His game went in decline, he started to have drinking problems, and he eventually disappeared from public life never again playing in any tournament. Those who knew him say that he was obsessed with his vision problems.

So now, you, as some of the best chess players at present have been invited to a special game with the legendary champion. When you get to his house, you enter his library and you discover that you have been locked inside. Fisher wants to test your intelligence and skills and he has prepared a mortal challenge for you. You need to escape in less than 60 minutes, or a deadly gas will be introduced into the room. Can you solve all the enigmas that Mr. Fisher´s twisted mind has prepared for you?.

New Game (Coming soon)

We are working against the clock on our new game that will have a slightly higher difficulty level

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What is a live or room escape game?

The X-Door is a live room escape game, creation 100% Spanish, which rages in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao has now reached Coruña.

What is it?. You will be locked up in a mysterious room filled with riddles and bizarre objects. We will close the door behind your back and from that moment you shall count with 60 minutes of time to solve all the puzzles and escape the room. A real adventure in which you will feel as the protagonists of a novel or film.

How will you escape?. That you’ll have to discover for yourselves, but the basic thing is to register the whole room and to solve the mysteries that you find, using the objects in the way that you prefer. The most important thing is that you remain calm and use all your ingenuity and ability of observation, but about everything, better play as a team!.

It is a game for all kinds of people. It is not a game for crazy logic, numbers, or the trivial problems lovers… The best players are those who work well organized and as a team. It also does not require to use agility or strength, or scary moments, you will not suffer because there are no elements of terror.

Number of players: 2-6 people per team

We assure you that the hour of play you will be very funny, and that at the end you will be addicted to this kind of games. If you manage to get out in time, you will live the unforgettable final moment of rush. If you do not manage to leave on time we open the door but we assure you that you may have had equally a big time. Laughter, fun and adrenaline are guaranteed.

The X-Door Coruña is a game for adults, but if you want to come with your small children of 8, 9, 10 years… you can do it, and they will find great in some moments of the game. But keep in mind that the difficulty of the game is designed for ages 16 years and there are parts of the game that children can not do because they require someone more adult. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

To play always must have at least 1 adult over 18-year-old in the group, so if you are a group of teenagers and want to come and play, you’ll have to find one adult over 18 who will accompany you, but do not participate in the game (we reserve the right to ask for ID to verify the age of the players).

IMPORTANT: if any of the members of the team using a wheelchair, please write to info@thexdoorcoruna.com to comment on the possibilities and limitations to play.

How do I book a game?
Enter Bookings and choose the day and time you want to come and play.
The price of The X-Door Coruña is €50 for the entire group, regardless of how many people form it. Payment is made in cash the day of the game or by advance bank transfer.

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